North Korea fires ‘several cruise missiles’ into sea

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea fired ‘several cruise missiles’ into the Yellow Sea between China and the Korean peninsula on Saturday, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

Pyongyang’s latest provocation comes as concern grows over the whereabouts and wellbeing of a US soldier who made an unauthorised dash into North Korean territory earlier this week, with the reclusive regime so far remaining tight-lipped about the incident.

Saturday’s launches are just the latest in a series by Pyongyang, and come as Seoul and Washington ramp up defence cooperation, with relations between the two Koreas nearing an all-time low.

The cruise missile launches took place around 4 am (1900 GMT) on Saturday, Seoul’s military said.

‘South Korean and US intelligence authorities were analysing the launches while monitoring signs of additional activities,’ the JCS said.

North Korea had fired two ballistic missiles into the sea off its opposite coast toward Japan just three days earlier…”

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