North Korea Nukes San Francisco in Propaganda Video reports: “A series of North Korean nuclear weapons destroys San Francisco in the ‘Hermit Kingdom’s’ latest propaganda film, which was created for the grand finale of celebrations commemorating founder Kim Il Sung’s 105th birthday last weekend.

According to video of the event, which was acquired by the San Francisco Chronicle, music was played by a military symphony in the background as an audience of men in dull-brown uniforms and other military attire cheered on the massive explosion and ensuing destruction of the city. Following the explosion, the American flag can be seen waving over a military cemetery.

The Chronicle reports that the concert was part of the ‘Day of the Sun’ festivities honoring the late Kim. San Francisco was reportedly wiped out in about 15 seconds.

On Saturday, North Korea tried unsuccessfully to test a real missile, which blew up before it launched. Breitbart News previously reported that the North Korean government alleged that the United States was behind the missile’s failure, suggesting America had infiltrated Pyongyang’s computer systems through a sophisticated cyber-attack program…”

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