North Korea: Pyongyang fires suspected ICBM

BBC.com reports: “North Korea has fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) but it failed mid-flight, says the South Korean military.

The ICBM launch, the North’s seventh this year, sparked an alert in Japan – but fell short, landing in the sea.

Tensions are escalating amid fears the North will soon conduct a nuclear test.

On Wednesday both Koreas fired missiles near each other’s waters. The exchange saw the most number of missiles launched by the North in a single day.

North Korea’s multiple launches comes as the US and South Korea are staging their largest-ever joint air drills, which Pyongyang has strongly criticised as ‘aggressive and provocative’.

On Thursday North Korea fired a long-range missile at around 07:40 local time (23:40 GMT), according to a statement from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. A source confirmed with the BBC that it was an ICBM…”

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