North Korea says it tested a new strategic cruise missile

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea launched a ‘new-type strategic cruise missile’ for the first time, its state media reported Thursday, the latest in a string of weapons tests by the isolated state as it continues to upgrade its arsenal.

The new missile, which was fired on Wednesday, is named Pulhwasal-3-31 and is still under development, according to a report in state-run Korean Central News Agency. The term ‘strategic’ is generally believed by analysts to indicate that the missile is a nuclear-capable weapon.

‘The test-fire had no impact on the security of neighboring countries and has nothing to do with the regional situation,’ the KCNA report said.

‘[It] is a process of constant updating of the weapons system and a regular and obligatory activity,’ KCNA quoted the North’s Missile Administration as saying.

The report did not provide details, such as how many missiles were fired or how far they flew.

South Korea’s military said Wednesday that it had detected the launch of ‘several’ cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea…”

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