North Korea says recent tests were ‘tactical nuclear’ drills, overseen by Kim

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea’s recent missile tests involved ‘tactical nuclear’ drills to simulate hitting the South, and were overseen by leader Kim Jong Un in response to US-led joint military exercises in the region, state media said Monday.

Kim made acquiring tactical nukes — smaller, lighter weapons designed for battlefield use — a top priority at a key party congress in January 2021, and this year vowed to develop North Korea’s nuclear forces at the fastest possible speed.

The country revised its nuclear laws last month, outlining a wide array of scenarios in which it could its nukes, with Kim declaring North Korea an ‘irreversible’ nuclear power — effectively ending the possibility of negotiations over its arsenal.

Since then, Seoul, Tokyo and Washington have ramped up combined military exercises, including deploying a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier to the area twice, infuriating Pyongyang, which sees such drills as rehearsals for invasion.

In response, North Korea ‘decided to organise military drills under the simulation of an actual war’ that gamed out hitting South Korea’s ports, airports and military command facilities, KCNA said…”

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