North Korea threatens Japan over ‘very dangerous’ military buildup

The Jerusalem Post reports: “North Korea on Tuesday condemned a Japanese military buildup outlined in a new security strategy, warning that Japan would soon see the consequences of its dangerous decision, while also hinting at a technical advance in its long-range missile system.

Japan last week announced its biggest military build-up since World War Two as tension with China and a hostile North Korea and Russia’s Ukraine invasion stoke fears of war.

North Korea’s foreign ministry said Japan had effectively formalized ‘the capability for preemptive attack’ with its new strategy that would bring a fundamental change to East Asia’s security environment.

‘The DPRK makes it clear once again that it has the right to take a resolute and decisive military step to defend its national sovereignty, territorial integrity and fundamental interests in the light of the complexity of the regional security environment caused by Japan’s action,’ the official said in a statement carried by the North’s KCNA news agency…”

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