North Korea Willing to Scrap Nuclear Program if Threats Removed

Voice of America News reports: “A South Korean official says North Korea signaled there was no need to keep its nuclear program if military threats against the country are eliminated and indicated it is willing to hold talks with the United States.

‘The North side clearly affirmed its commitment to the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons should the safety of its regime be guaranteed and military threats against North Korea removed,’ South Korea’s top security advisor, Chung Eui-yong, said at a media briefing in Seoul.

Chung’s comments came after a senior South Korean delegation returned from a two-day visit to North Korea where they met with leader Kim Jong Un.

Chung said the two Korea’s agreed to hold their first summit in more than a decade in late April. He added that Pyongyang also said it was receptive to discussing de-nuclearization and normalizing relations with the U.S….”

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