North Korean Nukes and Missiles ‘Recipe for Disaster’

Voice of America News reports: “The head of the U.S. Pacific Command warned Wednesday that the combination of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads in the hands of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un represents ‘a recipe for disaster.’

Speaking at an event in Tokyo, Admiral Harry Harris Jr. said every test North Korea carries out brings it a step closer to the ability to launch nuclear-tipped missiles.

‘I must assume that Kim Jong Un’s claims are true, because I know his aspirations certainly are,’ Harris said. ‘So I take him at his word … and that should provide all of us with a sense of urgency to address this problem now.’

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations told countries Tuesday that they must join the effort to prevent North Korea from getting a nuclear weapon, warning they could face sanctions themselves if they help the rogue state achieve nuclearization.

Nikki Haley spoke ahead of a closed meeting of the U.N. Security Council called by the U.S. and council member Japan, along with South Korea, to discuss Pyongyang’s latest illicit ballistic missile launch.

‘You either support North Korea or you support us, because that’s what it comes down to,’ Haley told reporters…”

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