North Korea’s navy must be prepared for an invasion, Kim Jong Un warns

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday called on his military to prepare for a ‘more frantic’ invasion by U.S.-allied nations.

The North Korean dictator delivered the warning in a speech commemorating North Korea’s Navy Day at the nation’s naval headquarters.

Official North Korean media reports that Kim said the Navy needed to be modernized ‘in view of the enemies’ recent aggressive attempts and character of military actions.’

Kim said the United States is ‘getting more frantic than ever,’ and that the Navy should ‘fully arm the officers and men of the units and sub-units at all levels with our Party’s Juche-oriented naval and underwater war methods and focus on developing new strategic and tactical plans for getting familiar with ever-changing patterns of naval warfare,’ according to official state media.

Kim’s comments come as the United States, South Korea and Japan hold trilateral military drills in the Sea of Japan…”

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