NYC New Year’s Eve machete attacker left Islamist manifesto

Israel National News reports: “The radicalized Islamist who allegedly attacked NYPD officers with a machete on New Year’s Eve wrote a threatening manifesto that ordered his family to ‘repent to Allah and accept Islam,’ according to the New York Post.

The suspect, 19-year-old Trevor Bickford, who arrived in New York City days before the incident from Maine, had the handwritten letter in his backpack along with Islamic literature and $200 in cash, police sources told the news outlet.

‘To my family – specifically, mother – I’m sorry for not having been a good enough son,’ said the manifesto. ‘I fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to the hellfire.’

It continued: ‘To [my brother] Travis. Of anyone I’ve known who I have felt is closest to faith – it’s you. Of anyone I’ve ever wanted to accept Islam with me – it’s you. Please repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you.’

The manifesto allegedly went on to threaten Bickford’s older brother who is a Marine. He wrote: ‘To Devon, there was a time when we were close, but that time has passed. You have joined the ranks of my enemy. And for that I can give you no kind words – return to Allah.’

Three officers assigned to New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City’s Times Square area were injured by the machete-wielding teenager who expressed militant support for Islam, law enforcement officials said on Sunday, according to NBC News…”

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