Outrage in PA over Israeli flag on Temple Mount

Israel National News reports: “The Palestinian Arab Al-Quds channel, which is based in London and has affiliates in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, is furious at the raising of a blue and white flag, similar to the Israeli flag, on the Temple Mount.

The channel published on its Facebook page a picture of a young Jewish woman from Canada, Lauren Isaacs, in which she appears to be holding a blue and white flag opposite the Dome of the Rock.

The flag is decorated in the shape of an Israeli flag with blue stripes, a Star of David decorated in modern style and the inscription ‘Herut Canada’.

Herut Canada is a Zionist movement that works for the rights of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, and also fights anti-Zionist Jewish movements.

The Al-Quds channel noted that the image of Lauren Isaacs with the blue and white flag is ‘a mark of disgrace on the forehead of 1.6 billion Muslims.’

Palestinian Arabs continuously falsely claim that Israel is ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem, which they claim is their capital, in an attempt to erase the Muslim connection to the city…”

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