Over 90 nations demand Israel lift sanctions on Palestinians

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Israel must rescind the sanctions it levied against the Palestinian Authority for seeking assistance from the world court, over 90 nations have declared in a signed statement.

‘We express our deep concern regarding the Israeli government’s decision to impose punitive measures against the Palestinian people, leadership and civil society following the request by the General Assembly of an advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice,’ the nations said in the statement they signed.

They referenced the UN General Assembly vote to ask the ICJ to issue an advisory opinion on whether Israel’s ‘occupation’ of the West Bank was legal. The ICJ opinion will also cover Gaza, which is under Hamas control and east Jerusalem, to which Israel applied sovereignty in 1967.

The UN resolution passed with the support of only 87 nations out of the 193-member General Assembly. Only 16 countries voted against it and 53 abstained.

But some of those countries which opposed the vote or abstained, have argued that it is wrong for Israel to punish the PA over the vote…”

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