PA has plans to strengthen its hold on Jerusalem

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet chief Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Saturday, after his cabinet was approved by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, that he intends to work to strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian residents over their land.

In an interview with Palestine TV, Shtayyeh said that the presidency, the government, the security services, the justice system, the information system, the Fatah movement and the PLO member organizations are working to strengthen the legitimacy of the PLO and its leader Abbas.

According to Shtayyeh, his cabinet has plans related to housing residents in Area C of Judea and Samaria, which is under Israeli security and civil control, by strengthening residents’ steadfastness and thwarting Israeli activity.

He noted that the policy of strengthening the steadfastness of Palestinian residents will also be implemented throughout the city of Al Quds (eastern Jerusalem) and will include all Palestinian institutions operating there…”

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