Pakistan says Iran launched deadly air strike on its territory

SpaceWar.com reports: “Pakistan said Wednesday that Iran carried out an air strike on its territory that killed two children, after Tehran launched attacks in Iraq and Syria against what it called ‘anti-Iranian terrorist groups’.

Pakistan denounced the strike, near the nations’ shared border late on Tuesday, as ‘completely unacceptable’, saying it was unprovoked.

Iranian news agency Mehrnews said the ‘missile and drone response’ targeted the Jaish al-Adl group’s headquarters in Pakistan, calling it ‘another decisive step taken by Iran in response to the aggression against the security of our country’.

Formed in 2012, Jaish al-Adl is blacklisted by Iran as a terrorist group and has carried out several attacks on Iranian soil in recent years.

The strike came after Iran launched missile attacks on ‘spy headquarters’ and ‘terrorist’ targets in Syria, and Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region…”

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