Palestinian Authority claims Israel, not Hamas, committed Re’im massacre

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Palestinian Authority’s Finance Ministry put out a statement on Sunday, denying that the terrorist group Hamas was responsible for at least 350 partygoers slain at the Re’im music festival massacre.

The statement says that ‘preliminary Israeli police investigations’ showed that Israeli claims in the media were false, and that this was then used by ‘the occupation to justify its aggression against Gaza…’ 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded later that day, ‘Today, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah said something utterly preposterous. It denied that it was Hamas that carried out the horrible massacre at the nature festival near Gaza. It accused Israel of carrying out that massacre. This is a complete reversal of the truth.’

‘Abu Mazen, who in the past has denied the existence of the Holocaust, today is denying the existence of the Hamas massacre and that’s unacceptable.’…”

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