Palestinian Authority could rescind recognition of Israel, Abbas warns Blinken

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Palestinian Authority could rescind its recognition of Israel and halt its security coordination with Israel, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken when the two men met in Ramallah.

The PLO Central Committee agreed in February to take both steps, but the PA has yet to implement that decision.

Continued Israeli settlement activity, violence to the Palestinians, and disruptions at al-Haram, al-Sharif, known also as the Temple Mount, could push the PA to affirm the PLO Central Committee’s decisions, Abbas said.

‘The continuation of these Israeli unilateral actions will lead in the near future to a decision by the Palestinian central committee that would be implemented soon,’ Abbas said. ‘What is happening in Palestine is something that we cannot be silent about,’ he told Blinken…”

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