Palestinians defend Abbas’s holocaust remarks, denounce Israeli ‘incitement’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Several Palestinians on Wednesday expressed support for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been facing widespread criticism after he accused Israel of perpetrating ‘50 holocausts’ and practicing ‘apartheid’ during his visit to Germany.

The ruling Fatah faction posted a photo of a smiling Abbas on social media with a caption reading: ‘Mr. President, you are strong. Continue with God’s blessing and rest assured. We are proud of you and we are all behind you.’

Monir al-Jaghoub, a senior Fatah official, dismissed demands to Abbas to apologize for his statements. ‘No apology for our struggle for freedom,’ said al-Jaghoub, who heads Fatah’s recruitment and organization department in the West Bank.

Munther al-Hayek, another senior Fatah official, said that Abbas’s remarks in Germany were designed to ‘remind the world of the suffering of the Palestinian people, who deserve an apology for the crimes committed against them.’…”

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