PA’s Abbas says he opposes armed resistance, for now

The Times of Israel reports: “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday in a rare interview that he is opposed to taking up arms against Israel, but warned he might change his mind.

‘I do not support armed Palestinian resistance, but that could change. It could change — tomorrow, the next day or some other time. Everything changes,’ Abbas told the Saudi Arabian news station Al Arabiya.

He also rationalized recent violence when asked about the high number of Palestinian attacks against Israelis.

‘The [Palestinian] people are being oppressed and oppressed and oppressed to the point where they explode,’ he said, adding that ‘Palestinians are being made to lose their patience.’

Abbas has long advocated non-violent resistance and negotiations with Israel rather than organized terrorism or militant activity. The stance has helped Abbas maintain power, enabling foreign partners to feel more at ease bankrolling the PA, and leading some Israeli leaders to trust him enough to coordinate on issues of shared concern, such as security…”

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