Pence: America stands with Israel, always

Israel National News reports: “U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday evening addressed the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC.

‘Tonight, I bring greetings from a great friend of the State of Israel. The most pro-Israel president in United States history. I bring greetings from President Donald Trump,’ he began his remarks.

Thanks to Trump’s leadership, said the vice president, ‘the alliance between the United States and Israel has never been stronger. I’m here to convey a message from the President: America stands with Israel. Today, tomorrow, and always.’

‘When I stood here last year, I promised you that President Trump would keep his promises and so he has. Today, American support for the security of the State of Israel is greater than ever before.’

Pence noted that under Ambassador Nikki Haley, ‘the days of Israel bashing at the UN are over’ and also stressed that Trump ‘did more than promise [to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel]. He delivered.’…”

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