Pentagon: US, allies launched 105 missiles in Syria, ‘successfully’ hit all three targets reports: “The Pentagon said Saturday that the U.S.-led allied missile strikes in Syria successfully hit all three targets and have ‘significantly crippled’ Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ability to make more chemical weapons.

‘I think we dealt them a severe blow,’ Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at the Pentagon after the overnight bombing. ‘We’ve attacked the heart of the Syrians’ chemical weapons program.’

McKenzie identified the targets as Barzah Research and Development, the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site and the Him Shinshar Bunker Facility. He also said a total 105 missiles were launched by air and sea, all hitting their targets within minutes.

The strikes, in Douma, near Damascus, were launched in response to evidence that the Assad regime killed civilians in an April 7 chemical attack, the latest in country’s years-long civil war…”

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