Philippines’ Marcos sees Chinese actions in South China Sea with ‘great alarm’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos said Wednesday that he sees Chinese actions in the South China Sea with ‘great alarm’, after recent confrontations described by a Filipino military commander as ‘the worst’ in two years.

The latest incidents involving Philippine and Chinese vessels took place on Tuesday in waters around Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands where the countries have contested maritime claims.

Manila said that China Coast Guard ships caused two collisions with Philippine boats and water cannoned one of them, leaving four Filipino crew members injured.

The Philippine vessels were part of a regular mission to deliver provisions to a handful of Filipino troops stationed on a grounded navy vessel at Second Thomas Shoal.

‘We continue to view with great alarm this continuing dangerous manoeuvres and dangerous actions that are being done against our seamen, our coast guard,’ Marcos told reporters.

‘I think that we cannot view this in any way but in the most serious way,’ he said…”

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