PM: Successful Lebanon maritime talks could be first step to ‘true peace’

The Times of Israel reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed hope on Thursday that talks launched this week to settle a maritime border dispute between Israel and Lebanon might eventually lead to a peace deal between the Jewish state and the enemy country to its north.

During his speech to open the Knesset debate on Israel’s normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates, Netanyahu acknowledged that as long as the Hezbollah terror group ‘effectively controls Lebanon, there can be no real peace with this country.’

But he then segued specifically to the maritime talks, the first negotiations between the countries in 30 years, which he said carry ‘enormous potential and economic significance, both for them and for us.

‘I call on the Lebanese government to continue to complete these talks to demarcate the maritime border, and perhaps this will mark the first step toward another day that will come, in the future, [where we] achieve true peace,’ Netanyahu said…”

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