Poland launches 4,000-member army task force near Belarus border

SpaceWar.com reports: “Poland has inaugurated a permanent military task force of 4,000 soldiers near its border with Russian ally Belarus for the purposes of ‘training and defense,’ the country’s defense minister said Saturday.

Mariusz Blaszczak made the announcement while visiting a temporary camp of Polish soldiers who have been positioned near the Belarus border at Jarylowka in Podlaskie province.

‘There is no doubt the Polish border is under threat,’ Blaszczak told reporters at the camp, according to a translation by the Polish news agency PAP. ‘We are witnessing an ongoing pressure on the Polish border, attempts by migrants to cross the border illegally, encouraged the Belarusian regime… cooperating with the Kremlin… in order to destabilize our country.’

The defense minister said 4,000 Polish Army members will comprise the new permanent task force, code-named ‘Rengaw.’ He insisted its purpose is ‘deterrence’ and is meant to train soldiers in the Podlaskie border region as well as to establish a ‘reserve’ in case the security situation on the border deteriorates…”

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