Police Attack, Threaten Christians in Tamil Nadu State, India

MorningStarNews.org reports: “Police officers rushed into a praise service at a house in Tamil Nadu state and began hitting worshippers in another violent month for Christians, sources said.

A female police inspector identified only as Jeyalakshmi and five police officers on Oct. 6 entered the house where Christians were spending the evening in praise and worship in Aralvaimozhi, Kanyakumari District, the pastor said.

‘Inspector Jeyalakshmi and five policemen rushed inside the house church and started abusing me in filthy language,’ Pastor P. Yesudas told Morning Star News. ‘My wife and the believers asked her, ‘What is our fault? Why are you abusing us?’ But she came after them, and the constables who were accompanying her also started punching with their fists.’

Jeyalakshmi held Pastor Yesudas by the neck and struck him in his stomach and back, he said…”

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