Police on high alert, expecting next two months to be volatile, senior cop says

YnetNews.com reports: “Israel Police is bracing itself for a series of commemorative dates throughout April and May that could potentially spark nationwide chaos, a top-brass police officer told Ynet on Monday.

‘Even the smallest spark could ignite multi-front incidents across Israel,’ said Deputy Commissioner Sigal Bar-Tzvi, head of Israel Police’s Operations Department.

With the series of terror attacks in March, which claimed the lives of 11 victims and injured dozens, still looming large in their minds, the police are bracing for the eventful months ahead — beginning with the month of Ramadan overlapping with religious festivals such as Easter, Passover and Ziyarat al-Nabi Shu’ayb of the Druze community and continuing with secular observances such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and the Palestinian Nakba.

May will also mark the one-year anniversary of the inter-communal riots that broke out between Jews and Arabs and escalated to a full-scale 11-day conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip terrorist factions…”

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