Pompeo warns of ‘Russian bots’ and ‘Chinese bribes’ in the Balkans

SpaceDaily.com reports: “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned against the ‘malign’ influence of Russian trolls and Chinese investment during a brief tour through the Western Balkans on Friday.

Washington frequently accuses Moscow of meddling in the region that sits the outskirts of the European Union.

China has also become a target for US ire because of its growing investment in the Balkans, even if the EU remains the dominant economic force.

Speaking in North Macedonia after an earlier visit to Montenegro, Pompeo warned that the country must ‘take firm measures to resist and defend against malign influences.’

‘The hearts and minds of North Macedonia citizens should guide your country forward, not Russian bots and trolls on social media,’ he said at a press conference in the city of Ohrid.

Pompeo also warned against ‘the risks of Chinese investment and sensitive technologies,’ including ‘China’s bribe-heavy strategy for infrastructure deals’…”

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