Protesters chant ‘death to Khamenei’ over Iranian building collapse

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Protesters in several cities in Iran chanted anti-government slogans overnight, including ‘death to Khamenei,’ over a deadly building collapse in the southwest of the country, videos posted on social media showed.

Officials said the death toll had risen to 34 on Tuesday, with another 37 injured in the May 23 collapse of the 10-story residential and commercial building in Abadan in the oil-producing region of Khuzestan. Rescue workers continued to search for victims under the rubble, they said.

Authorities are blaming the collapse of the Metropol Building on individual corruption and lax safety and say 13 people have so far been arrested for construction violations.

Iranian protesters, however, blame it on government negligence and endemic corruption. Shouts of ‘death to Khamenei,’ a reference to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, are heard on an unverified video shared on Twitter, which gives the location as the south Tehran district of Nazi-abad…”

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