Putin says nuclear tensions ‘rising’ but Moscow won’t deploy first

SpaceWar.com reports: “Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that nuclear tensions were rising, though he insisted ‘we have not gone crazy’ and Moscow would not be the first to deploy them in the Ukraine conflict.

Speaking more than nine months after his forces launched their military operation, Putin warned the conflict could be ‘lengthy’.

Russian forces have missed most of their key military goals since February, raising fears that the battlefield stalemate could see Russia resort to its nuclear arsenal to achieve a breakthrough.

‘We have not gone crazy, we are aware of what nuclear weapons are,’ Putin said Wednesday at a meeting of his human rights council.

‘We are not going to brandish them like a razor while running around the world.’

But he acknowledged the growing tensions, saying ‘such a threat is rising. Why make a secret out of it here?’

He added, however, that Russia would use a nuclear weapon only in response to an enemy strike…”

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