Pyongyang’s other nuclear option: Bombing atomic power plants

Asia Times Online reports: “As the United Nations imposes more sanctions on North Korea to try and stop its development of nuclear weapons, a Russian diplomat argues Pyongyang wouldn’t need an atomic device in a conflict on the Korean Peninsular.

Instead, North Korea could rain its missiles down on South Korea’s atomic power plants, causing widespread radiation contamination that would turn South Korea into a desert, devoid of life, Georgy Toloraya, who served in North Korea, said in an interview with the Russian news service

South Korea operates 24 nuclear reactors, most of them on its east coast facing Japan, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Toloraya, who is also East Asia Director at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, made the comment as part of his argument that there isn’t a military solution to the crisis on the Peninsular, only a diplomatic one.

‘Everyone understands perfectly well that for North Korea, if it initiates an aggressive strike, a military conflict will mean a complete and immediate destruction, because no one can deny the US military might,’ Toloraya said in the interview.

However, if the US attempts to solve this problem militarily it will prompt a retaliatory strike by North Korea and Pyongyang’s missiles — even without nuclear warheads — could target nuclear facilities in the South, he said…”

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