Quebec Doctor Warns Euthanasia No Longer a ‘Last Resort’

Breitbart.com reports: “Dr. Michel Bureau, head of Quebec’s End of Life Care Commission, told the Canadian Press on Tuesday that Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) has become so common in the province that he fears suicide is no longer seen as a ‘last resort.’

MAID is Canada’s preferred euphemism for physician-assisted suicide. Canada has one of the most liberal – and arguably most aggressive – euthanasia programs in the world. MAID was supposed to expand to include patients with mental illnesses but no physical ailments this year, but that proved to be a step even euthanasia-happy Canada was reluctant to take, so it has been postponed until at least 2024.

As things stand in Canada, MAID is no longer reserved for people with terminal illnesses or unbearable pain, and there is pressure to begin offering it to minors. Doctors are encouraged to bring up euthanasia as an option before patients ask for it.

Bureau said these measures have produced an environment in which Quebecers no longer view MAID as an ‘exceptional treatment,’ but rather one that has become ‘very frequent.’ In fact, Bureau estimated that seven percent of all deaths in Quebec will be doctor-assisted suicides by the end of 2023…”

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