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How do we stop the spread of zoonotic diseases – transmitted from animals and insects to people?”

3,600 Michigan veterinarians

RVI: Here is the article from The Associated Press from which we got the question: “Veterinarians join against bio-terrorism”. Lets look at some other headlines as well. First of all, from Time “The Revenge Of the Birds”, and there we are talking about, of course, the Bird flu. Then from The New York Times “As avian flu spreads, deaths of migratory birds worry health officials”, they are by the hundreds of thousands. Take a look at what happened in China as reported by The Mail & Guardian Online “Mystery as 10,000+ dead birds rain down in Eastern China”. And from USA Today “Thai boy's bird flu death leaves somber questions”. And then from The International Herald Tribune “As flu races through Asian birds, experts say threat to humans is rising”. Then from Reuters “South Korea confirms new outbreak of Bird Flu”. And then from The Associated Press “Bird Flu fears spiral in Vietnam”. Do you notice that it is everywhere? And take a look at our neighbor to the north, from “Canada on alert for deadly (Avian) Bird Flu”. And finally from Medical News Today “The Bird Flu, (Avian virus) may have 75% mortality rate. Of those who get it, 75% will probably die. Jack, tie this into prophecy.

JVI: Rexella, Jesus said that just before I return, there shall be pestilences, plural, in Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11. Then there are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the fourth one sees millions dying through the beasts of the earth. And here are the veterinarians of Michigan, over 3,000 of them, wanting to get together because of bio-terrorism.

They believe that some terrorists are behind even the creating of these diseases in the animals, and right now, Avian flu is so serious, that those who get it, 75% of them will die. Now, in Revelation 6, that fourth horseman, in verses 7 & 8 says that one fourth of the people on earth die because of the beasts of the earth, exactly what the veterinarians are worried about.

Oh, Jesus is coming!

Where does the Bible say that it is a sin to smoke Pot? I recently gave it up

Mr. “S”

RVI: Take a look at what is happening around the world with drugs. First of all, from The New York Times “Oslo, the Capital of Health and Prosperity – and Drug Deaths”. And also in Holland, from The Kansas City Star “The Law Allows Dutch Pharmacies to Sell Marijuana.” Then from USA Today, “The Opium Poppy is Firmly Rooted in Afghan Soil.” Notice, this is worldwide friends. Then these two headlines from The Christian Science Monitor “Burmese Drugs Fuel Regional Strife” and “A Drug Craze Sweeps Thailand.” Then from The Globe and Mail “Crystal Meth is Sweeping British Columbia – Toxic Drug Causes Lasting Damage to the Brain”. What is wrong with drugs? – I think we've covered it.

JVI: Rexella, this is why we know Jesus is about to return because just before He does, Revelation 18:23 says that the whole world will be crazed and steeped on drugs. In Revelation 9:21, they would not repent of their pharamakia – Greek for sorcery. It should state, they would not repent of the drug abuse. In Revelation 21:8 and Revelation 22-15, those who missed the holy city and who are excluded from the thousand year reign of Christ are those who are using drugs. Not as a medication, but just for a high, for sexual purposes and everything imaginable and also in Galatians 5:19-21. Point number 6 is witchcraft. This is again Greek Pharmakia – drug abuse. I tell you now again, they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Jack, I believe in a Pre-trib Rapture, but how will the tribulation saints who die get to heaven? Will there be a Rapture for them, or do they just go there in death?
Glenn Harris
Warren, Ohio

He talks about a Pre-tribulation Rapture and the Tribulation is that seven-year period of judgment on earth – Revelation chapters 6 to 18 – because we go up in chapter 4 and it only begins in chapter 6. We call it a pre-tribulation Rapture and the Rapture is I Thessalonians 4 verses 16 to 18, when the dead in Christ rise and the living go up with them to meet the Lord in the air and all in the twinkling of an eye, I Corinthians 15:52.

However, during the seven-year period of Tribulation, the greatest revival in history occurs as 144,000 evangelists swarm the world in Revelation 7 verses 4 to 8, and they are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom – Matthew 24:14. The King is coming and a multitude like the sands of the sea, Revelation 7:9, is converted and verse 14 says, “They came out of the Great Tribulation and washed their robes, made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” Because of it, death comes to those new converts during that seven-year period in Revelation 6:9, 13:50 and Revelation 20 verse 4. Now Christ comes back with His saints, Jude 14, and Daniel 12:2 – the Old Testament Jews are raised and at that point, all those who died during the Tribulation are also raised. I hope that answers your question.

If a day equals 1000 years and 1000 years equals a day, then since Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, does this have significance for His Second Coming?

Arthur Via

Port Charlotte, FL

RVI: Let's see some things that really do seem to have significance, first of all from Ha'aretz “Small Quake Hits Dead Sea; Experts: Big One On The Way.” And from “Israeli President asks Vatican to Reveal List of Temple Treasures, Vessels and Judacia they Hold.”

I guess they had some things right there in the Vatican that they would like to know about and they would like to have. First of all, Jack, answer Arthur's question and tie this together for us.

JVI: As I said last week, the Rabbis said that there would only be seven days in world history because a day was like 1,000 years, Psalm 90:4, and it was patterned after creation. He created the world in six days, Genesis 1:31 and rested on the 7th day, Genesis 2:2. And since each day represents 1,000 years, and we Christians also set that according to II Peter 3:8, we then have four days of Old Testament time and three days of New Testament time for the total of 7000 years, So let's just deal with the three days of New Testament time.

Here is proof that this is correct, Hosea 6, verse 2. The Jews didn't have their own land for a couple thousand years and they say after two days, 2,000 years, He'll revive us – that happened in 1948, almost after 2,000 years, then on the third day which just started in the last number of months, He will raise us up that we may live in his sight, the Jews are raised in Daniel 12, when the Messiah comes and sets his foot upon the earth. Now here are two exciting signs that Rexella gave. They're expecting the greatest earthquake ever and it's right there at the Dead Sea fault and when Jesus Christ returns His Feet hit the Mount of Olives and it splits down the center and they say, we are waiting for that big one and that could be the return of Christ. But the most exciting thing, beyond that, is that the Jews are asking for all of the things the Vatican has from the old temples. Why? Because they have built the replica of the exact temple 269,000 square feet by the dead sea! And they are putting everything in it and getting all the Cohen's. For they are the Levites, they're prepared to do sacrifice so that when the real one is built, the one in which antichrist sits, 2 Thessalonians 2:4 and says he's god, Daniel 11:36, it will be ready. It's that close. Then Christ comes and sits in it permanently. Ezekiel 40 to 44.

I know you are zeroing in on the year 2018 by averaging the length of a generation from Bible information, but have you considered that people are living longer today because of modern medicine? When it says that this generation shall not pass, they could be living for 100 years or longer.


Well he's referring to what I've said in the past, that in Mark 1:17, there were 42 generations, and that is from Abraham to Christ, a total of 2160 years. So when one divides 42 into 2160, it comes out to basically 51.5 years. So a generation is not 40 years as we so often said, or others have said, but 51.4.

Then when we get to Luke chapter 3, verses 23 to 38, there is 77 generations from Adam to Christ and that's 4,000 years. When one divides 77 into 4,000, he also comes out to 51.9 years. So a generation is 51 years. We begin counting this countdown to the return of Christ from the time that Jerusalem is captured by the Jews, Luke 21:24, because the 70 weeks are determined upon thy people, the Jews, Daniel 9:24. So when one adds 51.5 to 1967, when the Jews captured Jerusalem, it comes out to 2018.

Now, I cannot accept what our dear brother has just said, for this reason. Adam lived to be 930 years, Genesis 5:5, and Methuselah 969 years. So you can't say a generation is 900 or 1,000 years. God puts them all together from Adam right up until His Son in Luke 3:23 to 38 and it comes out to 51.9 and that's 2018. We don't set a date now. But Jesus said, I command you to know when it's near, even at the door, Matthew 24:33 and 36.

The world is asking about five major plagues.

RVI: Well, you know because of so many letters coming in about plagues around the world, this is topic for Question of the Week.

Take a look – from The Detroit Free Press of course, Mad Cow disease coming from the cows. But Food's Larger Menace – Food-Borne Diseases – Amid mad cow fears, other illnesses rampant

Then from The International Herald Tribune Across Africa, AIDS Ravages Youngest Survivors. And of course, that comes from the green monkey.

Then from Time Magazine China's Secret Plague again it is AIDS in China. You haven't heard very much about that there, but it is there.

Then from The Detroit Free Press SARS-fearing China to slaughter animals. Because of the fears they are slaughtering one of the cats there and it looks like a raccoon. They used to eat it, but they’re not going to anymore. Civet cats –

And again, from ABC News Highly Contagious Bird Flu, Strain Deadly to Humans hits South Korea Hard. It is around the world, friends, in five major plagues.

And from The Associated Press Malaria, a Forgotten Epidemic, Gains

Strength Killing Millions. This can be connected now with the west Nile virus fever. Are all of these plagues in the Bible, Jack?

JVI: Yes, there are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation 6:7-8 it says a fourth part of mankind is killed through sword, hunger and death and the beasts of the field. Five diseases now using west Nile fever instead of malaria are all new. And they will kill millions. Hundreds will die just through AIDS and SARS and all of the rest through the beasts of the earth. The prophecy is here. Christ is coming soon.

Have you heard of Israel making parts of the temple so that it can be assembled and rebuilt the same way as it was the first time, as mentioned in I Kings 6:7? Is this is true, the temple could be assembled in a short amount of time, right?

Tom & Helen Sinclair

East Sparta, OH

RVI: Lets take a look at what is happening in Israel right now. We found this reported in Israel Today “Priests are to train on temple model between Jerusalem and Jericho, and this is home to a model that has been built. It covers about 269,000 square feet and it will function as a training site to prepare priests for services in the 3rd temple to be built in Jerusalem”. Whoa, Jack. This is pretty exciting.

JVI: I am so excited to share this information! It is built! It is the replica of what is coming soon. And they've built it so they can prepare and practice all of their sacrifices. They are pulling in all they are the Levites. You cannot be a priest lest your name is Cohen or something similar to it because they were of the tribe of Levi that did the temple services. They're doing the temple services.

They're bringing in the instruments. They're talking about preparing the red heifer. They've got everything they need. All they have to do is build the same temple on the Dome of the Rock area and begin their worship and that happens, of course, when the European union gives them that permission in Daniel 9:27, to build a temple and have their own sacrifices and oblations and after 42 months, he stops it. The temple is desecrated and then our Lord Jesus comes back and He sits in the temple for the next 1,000 years in Ezekiel chapter 40 to 48. But think of it. The replica of the genuine temple is already made, 269,000 square feet. And they're preparing every service for the big thing that will come soon in Jerusalem. Jesus is coming and soon.

How does the Bible prophecy of Christ’s return, fit in with the Jewish belief?

Karin Rowlands

RVI: Before Jack answers this question, Karin, I want to show you something that happened on Christmas day 1914, when all the armies of the world laid down their weapons and it was a time of peace. Actually, here’s a picture of the British and German soldiers who were fraternizing at that time and actually saying “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.” One day of peace in 1914. Jack, that’s what’s going to happen when the Lord comes back, we’ll have peace.

JVI: It’s going to last more than a day. The Bible teaches, and she asked about the Jewish belief that Messiah would come. Messiah is our Christ, Psalm 2 verse 6, Yahweh God says, “I will set my King upon the Holy Hill of Jerusalem, and Zechariah 14:4 pictures it when His feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives just in front of Jerusalem. And then, of course, in Zechariah 14:16, they come up to Jerusalem year by year to worship the King – the Lord of Hosts and that’s our Lord Jesus Christ. You can also find this in Malachi chapter 4 verses 1-5 in Psalms chapter 2:45,47, and 72, and unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given. The Child born is Christmas time, the Son given is when He returns and the governments on his shoulder and of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end. And when this Prince of Peace comes, Isaiah 9:6, they beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks and learn war no more. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

How do Earthquakes relate to Christ’s return?

RVI: Let's find out what's happening with earthquakes right now.

6.1 Quake in China Collapses Hundreds of Homes – [ABC NEWS/AP, 12/1/03] Very Strong 6.7 Quake Rocks Myanmar, Thailand – [YAHOO/AP – 09/22/03]. Strong 6.5 Earthquake hits Dominican Republic – [YAHOO/AFP – 09/22/03]. And CBS NEWS reported Earthquake Shakes Tokyo Area – [9/22/03]. Take a look at this next one, very important: – Israel Millennium Quake Possible – [Risk Management Solutions].

Now you know Jack, we're seeing earthquakes around the world. How does it pertain to the Second Coming of Christ?

JVI: Jesus said that just before His return, there would be earthquakes galore in Matthew 24:7, Mark chapter 13, verse 8, and Luke chapter 21 verse 11. When we get to the book of Revelation, we have multiplied earthquakes occurring just before Christ comes. Revelation 6:12, chapter 8, verse 5, chapter 11, verses 13 to 19. The greatest earthquake in history is in chapter 16, verse 18. Now, what about these biblical earthquakes? This is exciting. When Christ died for our sin on Calvary's cross, the earth shook. Matthew 27:51. When he arose from the grave three days later, there was a humongous earthquake; Matthew 28:2.

But the greatest earthquake in history mentioned in Revelation chapter 16, verse 18, is when the Lord Jesus returns and His feet hit the Mount of Olives and it splits down the center in Zechariah 14, verse 4 and that article Rexella showed you is tremendous because they have an earthquake every 1,000 years and the last one was 1033 years ago. So the present one must happen at any moment and that could be, and I believe it will be, when the Lord Jesus hits that mountain and it splits down the center. Two weeks from now, we'll be telling you how the Jews have built a replica temple near the Dead Sea. And they're practicing for the genuine one and that's when antichrist sits in that temple fooling them and then seven years later, when the Lord Jesus reigns in that temple, Ezekiel 40 to 48, that's how near it all is.

How is it possible that a minister refuses to preach about prophecies pointing to Christ’s return when Jesus said in Matthew 24:33, “You will know when my return is near, even at the door”?

Mr. & Mrs. William Bergsma

Nanaimo, BC

You don't have to believe in prophecy as far as your Christian life is concerned, but you have a real problem with God as far as prophecy is concerned because one fourth of this book, one out of every four verses, 10,385 times, God speaks about the return of His Son.

And some of you preachers won't preach it. Why?

It takes too much study. 2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show thy self approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” You’ve got to get some convictions about this.

The Bible teaches He's coming back, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven“. What a foolish prayer if He's not coming back. But He is coming back. God says in Psalm 2, verse 6, ““I'll set my king upon the holy hill of Jerusalem“. Isaiah 59:20: “The redeemer shall come to Jerusalem“. Zechariah 14:4: He sets his feet upon the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. And I like what Zechariah 2:10 says: “Sing and rejoice, o daughters of Jerusalem. For I, the lord, will come and dwell among you“. No doubt about it. The New Testament, He comes with clouds and every eye shall see him. That's when He comes as the King of kings and Lord of lords, Revelation 19:16 to rule for that 1,000 years, Revelation 20, verse 4. He's coming. Preach it.

Will the church that went up in the Rapture be with Christ in the thousand-year reign?

Gilberto Padilla

Springfield, MA.

RVI: Well, let me just sat that he mentioned the 1,000-year reign of Christ. Somebody that agrees with that 100% WAS Nostradamus, a great Bible student.

He said that there would be peace for 1,000 years. He went on to predict that there would be a golden age for 1,000 years and it would be peaceful and beautiful. How do you feel about that 1,000 year reign of Christ, Jack?

JVI: First of all, to answer the question, we are caught up in the Rapture Revelation 4:1, when you hear the words, Come up hither. We go up in the twinkling of an eye, I Corinthians 15:52. Now, after the Rapture of Revelation 4:1, the saints who are raptured are singing in chapter 5, verses 9 and 10 about the return of the Lord when He comes as the King of kings and Lord of lords, Revelation 19:16. For 1,000 years, Revelation 20:4.

Now, I know that Nostradamus was a great Bible student because as I follow his teaching, they usually go in with the Word of God. It wasn't just some magic thing that happened to him. And by the way, he did say that right after a war with Hitler, this Messiah will come for the 1,000 years. So we are in that age right now and Jesus is about to return to set up His kingdom on earth. Yes, the church will be here having returned with Jesus.

Can Christians go along and partake of worldly trends?

Mr. & Mrs. Kik

RVI: Let's look at what they are talking about here. Bare naked ladies. Three famous super-star actresses are including nudity in their up and coming films. In the Detroit News and Free Press “An R-Rated Homecoming Prompts a Cultural Clash: Provocative dresses and bump and grind dancing pit parents against students.”

In the day and age in which we are living it is hard for young people and older people alike to sift it all out. Help us out, Jack.

JVI: First of all, Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, “Whosoever looks on a woman and lusts after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart” and when one is nude, it’s easy for that man to commit mental adultery like Jimmy Carter said a few years ago when he was President. But let’s go on a little further. That’s why the Bible says in I Timothy 2:9 that woman are to adorn themselves in modest apparel. Now in Mark chapter five, we have the story of the demoniac who was possessed with evil spirits, verse 8. In verses 9-14, the Lord Jesus is casting the evil spirits out of this man and when the exorcism is occurred, verse 15 says he is sitting clothed and in his right man. I think maybe you may find out what is behind a lot of this nudity.

And the high school dances are sexually provocative as they rock and roll and grind their bodies against one another. Is it for the Christian? No! Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against your soul, I Peter 2:11 and Romans 12:2 says be not conformed to this world and its standards, but be ye transformed [about face] for Jesus Christ.

RVI: Well Jack, you have talked about nudity and our original question of the week is can we go along with worldly trends? Define worldly trends for us, Jack.

JVI: Rexella, the churches have no standards anymore. It is no longer that the church is in the world, but the world is in the church and they want to see how close they can live like the world lives. You can't get away with it. What is worldliness? I John 2:15-17, “Love not world and neither the things that are in the world. If the man love the world the love of God is not in him. For all that’s in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world and the world passeth away and the lusts thereof, again – the world passes away and the lusts thereof, but, he that doeth the will of God, he will live forever.” Do you have a real experience with Christ, you better check yourself out.

RVI: One more thing that we can address as far as worldliness. How about the profanity and on television especially, Jack .

JVI: The commandment, Exodus 20 verse seven, thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain for God will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain and Jesus said in Matthew 12:36, Every idle word that men shall speak they shall give an account in the day of judgment. You will not get away with it forever. And all of the filthy garbage and talk on television and the movies, we need a Holy Ghost revival in this nation.