Report: Alleged California Church Shooter Condemned Taiwan ‘Demons’ at Chinese Regime-Tied Event

Breitbart.com reports: “The suspect arrested following a mass shooting in Laguna Woods, California’s Geneva Presbyterian Church this weekend appeared in a local Las Vegas report holding up a banner against Taiwanese ‘demons’ at an event for a group with ties to the Chinese government, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Tuesday.

David Chou (Chou Wenwei), is being charged with murder and attempted murder after opening fire at a Taiwanese luncheon honoring a pastor at the church on Sunday afternoon, injuring five and killing one person. Police later stated that they had found evidence in his car that the reason for his attack was his opposition to the existence of an independent Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent country governed under a free and democratic system, but the Chinese Communist Party claims it falsely as a rogue ‘province’ that it wishes to ‘reunify’ with the ‘mainland.’ Taiwan has never in its history been governed by any regime in Beijing…”

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