Report: China warned Israel not to let US pressure hurt relations

Israel National News reports: “One of China’s top diplomats warned Israel last week not to allow US pressure to damage its relations with Beijing, senior Israeli Foreign Ministry officials with direct knowledge of the issue told Barak Ravid of Axios on Wednesday.

The message from Liu Jianchao, who heads the Chinese Communist Party’s international affairs department, to Israeli Ambassador to Beijing Irit Ben-Abba, was the most unequivocal and direct message Israel has received from Beijing about the US-Israel-China triangle, according to the report.

The meeting last Wednesday was their first since Liu assumed his influential new ministerial-level role.

Israeli officials told Ravid that Liu emphasized the importance of bilateral relations, particularly for cooperation on technology.

Israel and China have clashed in the past over the Palestinian issue, as China recognizes a Palestinian state and consistently backs the Palestinians at the UN…”

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