Report: Egypt planned to supply thousands of rockets to Russia amid Ukraine war

The Times of Israel reports: “Egypt, a major US ally and recipient of American military and economic aid, was preparing to covertly supply Russia with thousands of rockets for its ongoing war in Ukraine, according to a leaked top-secret Pentagon document cited by The Washington Post on Monday.

A portion of the document, dated February 17, was said to describe conversations between Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and senior Egyptian military officials on the production of some 40,000 rockets for Russia, as well as the provision of artillery rounds and gunpowder.

In it, the Egyptian leader reportedly instructed an official referenced as Salah al-Dinto to keep the plan secret ‘to avoid problems with the West,’ to which the latter — believed to be Mohamed Salah al-Din, the minister of state for military production — said he would tell workers the rockets were for the Egyptian army.

Salah al-Din, the report said, told Sissi that supplying Russia with the weapons was ‘the least Egypt could do to repay Russia for unspecified help earlier,’ though the details of any earlier collaboration were not mentioned…”

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