Report: Islamic Jihad raises state of readiness to ‘highest level’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Amid increasing tensions between Israel and Islamic Jihad, the militant group has raised its state of readiness to its ‘highest level,’ according to a report in the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.

Senior sources in the Gaza-based militant group stated that, should Islamic Jihad choose to act against Israel, any action would be ‘for purposes of self-defense’ and ‘deterrence.’

The group also said that they are ‘closely monitoring’ Israeli activity, including watching civilians in Gaza border communities.

The increased state of readiness comes, according to the report, as the IDF carries out a military exercise near the Gaza Strip.

Amid the war of words, the IDF moved its Iron Dome missile defense systems to the center of the country on Monday.

Recent tensions come after repeated threats exchanged between the IDF and Islamic Jihad, after the IDF destroyed an Islamic Jihad-constructed tunnel in late October, killing 12 Palestinian militants…”

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