Report: ‘There is no longer a safe place to be a Christian in China’

ChristianToday.com reports: “The Chinese government is increasingly cracking down on state-sanctioned churches as well as underground churches, leaving no ‘safe place’ for Christians, according to International Christian Concern.

A new report by ICC tracks persecution of Christians in China since July 2021 and records 32 cases of arrests and detainments, five raids on Christian schools, and 20 cases of the Sinicization of churches – where churches are forced to align their faith with the social and political messaging of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

The ICC said that exact numbers were likely to be far higher because of the challenges of receiving information from China.

‘The government’s scrutiny of Christians is part of a wider effort to Sinicize the country by coercing religious groups to submit to the communist CCP ideology,’ the report said. 

‘The Religious Affairs Bureau and the CCP have one single goal regarding religion: to prevent religious influence from threatening their communist control.’

State-sanctioned churches are especially susceptible to the Chinese government’s Sinicization efforts…”

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