Rockets launched at Israel from Gaza during Passover feast

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Rocket sirens sounded in the communities of Chavat Shikmim and Dorot near Sderot and in the towns of Patish and Ranen, close to Ofakim near the Gaza Strip early on Thursday morning, the IDF stated. While no interceptors were required, seven rockets were fired and exploded in air, with five fired toward Israeli territories and two fired into the sea in Gaza territory.

This came only hours after two rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip toward Israel on Wednesday evening, during the Passover Seder dinner.

One rocket failed to fire and fell within the Strip while the second landed in an open area near the Gaza border, the Israeli military said.

Sirens did not sound in the nearby Israeli local councils and communities.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad terror organization, took responsibility for the rocket fire…”

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