Russia building new laser weapon to disable foreign satellites

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Russia is developing a new laser system in the Greater Caucasus mountain range that will disable foreign satellites passing over Russian territory, an open-source investigation published last week by The Space Review found.

Construction of the Kalina project, which started in 2011, is underway in the Krona space surveillance complex located at the Chapal mountain peak, the report found by analyzing recent satellite imagery from Google Earth and documents from Russian industrial contractors.

Kalina’s goal, as written in a bank guarantee document from January 2014, is ‘creating a system for the functional suppression of electro-optical systems of satellites’ using lasers.

The ‘space security complex,’ as it is described in a 2017 document, is a ‘special quantum-optical system’ to be used for ‘electro-optical warfare,’ according to Precision Instrument Systems (NPK SPP), a Russian scientific and industrial corporation, who was given the contract for the project by the Russian Defense Ministry…”

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