Russia, China and Iran deepen ties with naval drill

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran, Russia, and China sent ships that gathered for a naval drill over the weekend. The drill continued this week and illustrates the growing cooperation between the countries. Russia, Iran, and China have conducted at least four naval drills in the past. However, this year’s are larger, and they come amidst rising tensions in the Red Sea and off the coast of Yemen.

Chinese and Russian state media both highlighted the drills. Iran says the drills cover some 17,000 square kilometers of open ocean. Global Times in China reported that ‘the naval forces of China, Iran, and Russia on Monday launched an exercise near the Gulf of Oman in a joint effort to safeguard regional maritime security, without targeting any third country or current regional tensions.’…

‘The joint drills are conducive to enhancing exchanges and cooperation among the Chinese, Iranian, and Russian navies, and it further displayed [the three countries’] will and capability in jointly safeguarding maritime security and actively building a maritime community with a shared future,’ Liang Dong of the PLA Navy’s 45th escort task force, said in the CCTV report…”

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