Russia, China kick off joint naval drills

SpaceWar.com reports: “Russia said Thursday it had started joint naval drills with China in the Sea of Japan as the two allies seek to deepen their military cooperation.

Ties between Moscow and Beijing have grown closer since Russia launched its Ukraine offensive last year, a move China has not condemned.

The Russian defence ministry said the main goal of the exercises that will run until Sunday is to ‘strengthen naval cooperation’ between the two countries and ‘maintain stability and peace in the Asia-Pacific region’.

The drills will include ‘anti-submarine missions and naval combat’ and the sea and air escort of ships, the ministry said, adding there are also plans ‘to carry out joint artillery fire’.

The Russian navy is represented by two anti-submarine ships, two corvettes as well as auxiliary ships, the ministry said.

Beijing said on Sunday it was sending five warships, including a guided-missile destroyer…”

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