Russia fired S-300 at Israeli jets over Syria in ‘one-off’ incident, Gantz confirms

The Times of Israel reports: “Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Tuesday confirmed that Russian forces opened fire on Israeli jets in May using advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, at the end of an Israeli Air Force attack on targets in northwestern Syria.

The incident was first reported by Channel 13 news a week after the strike on May 13, in which the IAF bombed several targets near the city of Masyaf in northwestern Syria.

‘It was a one-off incident,’ Gantz told a conference hosted by Channel 13 on Tuesday when asked by Alon Ben David, the reporter who broke the story.

‘Our jets weren’t even in the area,’ Gantz added, confirming the original report which claimed the S-300 radar did not manage to lock onto the Israeli jets that were leaving the area, and thus did not pose a serious threat to the pilots.

The incident marked the first use of the S-300s against the IAF over Syria…”

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