Russia: French military instructors in Ukraine are ‘legitimate targets’

Voice of America News reports: “Russia’s foreign minister said Tuesday that any French military instructors in Ukraine training Ukraine soldiers would be a ‘legitimate target’ for Russian strikes.

‘Regardless of their status, military officials or mercenaries represent a legitimate target for our armed forces,’ Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday. He said he thought French instructors were ‘already on the Ukrainian territory.’

Ukraine’s top military commander said last week that Ukraine was preparing for the trainers’ imminent arrival.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron would not confirm that or comment on what he called ‘rumors or decision that could be made.’

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, said Tuesday that ‘instructors who train the Kyiv regime’s troops don’t have any sort of immunity, and it doesn’t matter whether they are French or not.’

On an African diplomatic tour, Lavrov made his remarks at a news conference in the Republic of Congo…”

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