Russia Has No Choice But to ‘Physically Eliminate’ Zelensky After ‘Drone Attack’, Says Kremlin

Breitbart.com reports: “A ‘severe and inevitable punishment’ is coming to Ukraine for a blast at the Kremlin overnight into Wednesday, top allies of Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin have said, with one promising a physical elimination of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

A chorus of Kremlin figures have spoken out against what the Russian state claims was a Ukrainian attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, with dark vows of revenge peppered among the comments. Putin ally Dmitry Medvedev compared Zelensky to Adolf Hitler and said he and his ‘clique’ would have to be eliminated.

The exact circumstances of Wednesday morning’s blast at the Kremlin remain unknown: Russia claims it was an attempted assassination against Putin by a pair of Ukrainian drones, while Ukraine denies all responsibility and suggests it may have been the work of an indigenous Russian anti-government resistance. Like so many things in the Ukraine war, the truth is nigh-on impossible to know and relies on the official communications of two nations trying to win a war at all costs…”

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