Russia on ‘irreversible’ path to clash with West, France says

euobserver.com reports: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put it on an ‘irreversible’ path toward a clash with the ‘collective West’, France has warned.

‘The rupture introduced by the war and the irreversibility of Russian strategic choices make it necessary to anticipate a confrontation with Moscow,’ the French Secretariat-General for National Defence and Security (SGDSN) said in a Strategic Review published on Wednesday (9 November).

The rolling clash would take place ‘over a long period of time, in multiple regions and spaces,’ it predicted.

Russia’s motive was a nakedly ‘imperialist’ pursuit of ‘power conceived as an opposition to what Russia designates as the ‘collective West’,’ it said.

Russia had already been trying to destabilise Europe for years by non-military means, such as ‘diplomatic-political subversion’ and ‘information warfare’, it added…”

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