Russia pushing for Belarus to enter war – Ukraine intel

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A statement was made by Vadym Skibitsky, the spokesman for the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, on the Ukrainian military television program called ‘Under the Gun,’ according to the official site of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

‘We see measures being taken by the Russian Federation to force the leadership of Belarus to enter an open war,’ he said. ‘Meetings between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko are constantly held, where this issue is discussed and Putin is trying to persuade Lukashenko to this decision.

‘To date, according to the military intelligence of Ukraine, six battalions are concentrated near our border. These are mechanized battalions, these are battalions of airborne troops of the so-called command of special operations forces.’

Skibitsky continues, ‘Lukashenko is ready to give everything that he has, let it be used by the Russian Federation, but so that the armed forces of Belarus do not directly enter the war against our country…”

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