Russia restocks on artillery that can shoot chemical, nuclear shells – state media

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Russian military received a batch of overhauled and modernized self-propelled artillery guns that Russian state media made a special note on Wednesday can be used to launch chemical and nuclear shells.

The Uraltransmash shipped new versions of the Soviet-era 2S7 Pion guns to the Russian military ahead of schedule as part of a 2022 order, RIA reported. 

RIA said that the 2S7M Malka ‘can fire high-explosive fragmentation projectiles, as well as active-rocket ammunition. The main advantage of this weapon is the ability to use concrete-piercing and chemical shells, as well as special munitions with a nuclear charge.’

Dmitry Semizorov, General Director of Uraltransmash, also said that the ‘modernization has improved all the main characteristics, including maneuverability, mobility, command controllability,’ according to RIA…”

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