Russia says its air defense systems destroyed drones near Syrian base

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Russian air defenses were activated in northern Syria on Wednesday night. They confronted what Russian media said was a drone or UAV threat.

Russia has an important base at Khemeimim in northern Syria, part of its strategic interest in Syria. The base has been attacked in the past by Syrian rebel drones. However, considering that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently went to Iran and that Turkey is preparing for a new military operation in Syria, the heightened tensions are part of the context of this incident. 

Russia’s Sputnik and RIA media both wrote about the incident. ‘On July 20, 2022, at about 10:10 p.m., Russian air defense systems detected unmanned aerial vehicles approaching the area of ​​​​the Russian Khmeimim airbase from the northeast,’ RIA Novosti quoted Russian sources as saying…”

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