Russia says UK long-range missiles for Kyiv ‘extremely hostile’ act

SpaceWar.com reports: “Russia said Friday a decision by the UK to deliver Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine was an extremely hostile move.

By announcing it would deliver the air-launched deep-strike weapon, Britain became the first country to provide longer-range armament to Kyiv.

Storm Shadow is a highly capable long-range missile system that has been utilized by British and French forces in various military operations, including deployments in the Gulf, Iraq, and Libya. It is a precision-guided, air-launched missile designed for deep-strike missions against high-value targets.

Developed by the European defense consortium MBDA, Storm Shadow, also known as SCALP EG (Systeme de Croisiere Autonome a Longue Portee, Emploi General), possesses advanced features and capabilities. It is designed to operate in extreme conditions and can be deployed from a range of aircraft, including fighter jets and strategic bombers.

With a range of approximately 560 kilometers (350 miles), the missile provides a significant reach and can strike targets with great precision. It incorporates advanced navigation systems, including inertial navigation, global positioning system (GPS), and terrain reference navigation, ensuring accurate and reliable targeting.

Storm Shadow’s warhead is capable of delivering a substantial explosive payload, making it effective against a wide range of targets, including bunkers, command and control centers, and hardened structures. The missile’s stealth characteristics, low observability, and ability to fly at very low altitudes contribute to its effectiveness in penetrating enemy air defenses…”

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