Russia threatens to cut Ukraine gas over Donbas war

euobserver.com reports: “Russia has threatened to cut off Ukraine gas for political reasons, immediately after announcing the completion of a new pipeline to Germany.

Russian president Vladimir Putin did it at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday (4 June), which was attended by Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz and former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

Putin said the first link in the Germany pipeline, called Nord Stream 2, was finished and that Russian state firm Gazprom was ready to fill it with gas.

‘Gazprom’s ready for deliveries, but everything will depend on the German regulator,’ he said.

When the St Petersburg forum’s moderator mentioned that Russian gas currently ‘feeds’ Ukraine’s transit pipelines to the EU, Putin interjected, saying: ‘Do you think we should feed everyone? Do we have such a duty to feed everyone, or what?’…”

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