Russia-Ukraine war: Poisonous substance allegedly used in Mariupol

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A soldier from the Azov Brigade posted on Telegram what he had witnessed in the besieged city, supporting allegations that chemical substances were used in Mariupol. 

‘The victims of the poisonous substance spreading of unknown origin in the city of Mariupol are in a relatively satisfactory condition,’ he wrote. ‘Contact of the civilians with the substance was minimal, the epicenter was some distance from the civilian’s location. The military was a little bit closer. However, it is impossible to investigate the scene of crime due to the enemy fire, because the Russians continue using the tactics of concealing their own crimes.’

In Mariupol, one soldier was in moderate condition, and two others were under constant medical supervision, one of whom was an elderly woman in serious condition. The main symptoms they experienced were facial hyperemia (increased blood flow), high blood pressure, and dryness and inflammation of the fauces (the arched opening at the back of the mouth) and mucous membranes of the eyes…”

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